Andrew Howie releases a new album, entitled ‘Remixed’.

Available as a download, the 10 tracks are, as their title suggests, reworked versions of previous tunes by the Bannockburn-based musician.

The tracks were originally recorded either under his Calamateur pseudonym, or later as Andrew Howie.

Five of the tracks have been reworked by MikeKSmith, including opener ‘The Fury and the Sound’, now remixed by MikeKSmith, which originally appeared on the ‘Victory‘ EP.

Also contributing to new versions of old songs are Radium 88, Unexpected Bowtie (AKA Stephen M Blythe), Thee Manual Labour, and there is a remix of a remix by Werra Foxma.

There are new takes on ‘No More Villagers’, ‘A Crumbling Empire’ and two versions of ‘Retreat’, which were originally on the ‘Something Better’ EP, released on Autoclave Records in 2012.

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