Andrew Howie releases a new downloadable album, ‘Solo Guitar Loops 2’.

As the title suggests, it follows up Solo Guitar Loops 1 – both albums recorded in Howie’s home studio, and self-released on the Autoclave label.

It’s a departure from the recent sounds of the singer-songwriter, but harking back to some of the more experimental work the Stirlingshire-based artist recorded under his Calamateur moniker.

The newly-released recordings date back to 2017 when Howie spent several hours a week playing improvised electric guitar through a looper and various effects pedals (detailed on the page linked to below for the guitar geeks reading).

Howie says: “Employing Anne Lamott’s ‘shitty first drafts’ approach, I recorded everything I played, giving myself the freedom and permission to make whatever music, noise and mistakes I felt like making. This 44-minute album is made up of my favourite loops recorded over that period.”

And for any recording geeks reading, he aded: “Some of the tracks were improvised on-the-fly in one take. Others were second, third or fourth attempts. I tried not to spend too long on anything. There are no overdubs. Edits were kept to a minimum.”

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