Anchorsmashed release ‘A Caribbean Tale’ as a single.

The track – which comes with a chiptune remix as its B-side – is the latest from “Scotland’s number one wonky folk metal band”.

Written, we’re advised, as a fan song for The Caribbean Sail – an independently developed video game about being a 1700s sea captain – ‘A Caribbean Tale’ was previously only available as a bonus track on the game’s official soundtrack.

The band – led by A. J. Blackett, on bouzouki and vocals – write songs about various topics, with their current area of interest being pirates.

Until recently a five-piece, the two remaining members including live guitarist, The Bastian, following the (possibly tongue-in-cheek) tale of the hospitalisation of their drummer, bassist and keyboard player earlier this year. They are now hiring.

The single is now available to download or stream.

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