Anchorsmashed release a new single ‘Great Big F’n Pints’.

The latest release from the “wonky pirates” – Captain Blackett and guitarist The Bastian – follows previous singles ‘Fite Me!‘ from January and prior to that, ‘A Caribbean Tale‘ November last year.

Premiered on the Beards and Broadswords radio show (where else?), the duo’s latest track is described as Blackett as a “homage back to the thrash metal I listened to as a teenager” – though probably uniquely blending accordion, brass, steel drum, Korg MS-20, and bouzouki.

“As we were writing the song,” the Captain continues, “The Bastian and I were thinking about all the wonderful alcoholic drinks we’ve had over the years.

“Before I knew it the verses were about what I won’t drink and the choruses what I will drink… the chorus being a list of drinks was heavily inspired by the classic patter songs of Gilbert and Sullivan light operettas”.

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