Anchorsmashed release a new single ‘Fite Me!’

The latest slice of “pirate powered wonky folk metal” (their words) follows ‘A Caribbean Tale‘ from last November, and is available to download via Bandcamp, or stream.

“It’s a song about fighting,” says vocalist / bouzouki-ist(?) A. J. Blackett, somewhat unnecessarily, of the track, adding: “It’s one minute fifty of pure pirate powered fight core drinking music. Chug a beer to it. Sing along with it. Punch someone in the face to it. Be punched in the face to it. Fight someone to it. Fite me.”

It’s also the first song from the band to feature The Bastian on guitars – recently promoted to full time member and who, thanks to the pandemic, “worked his way up from live guitarist without ever playing a live show”.

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