Alexia Avina releases a new album ‘Unearth’, via Lost Map.

Including single ‘Fit Into’, the 11 track release can be obtained on CDR, cassette and digital platforms ina release made jointly by Eigg-based Lost Map and, in North America, by Topshelf.

The American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born and raised in Southeast Asia, having previously based in Montreal and now living in rural Massachusetts.

Debut solo album ‘Betting on an Island’, from February 2018 on Never Content, was followed by ‘All That I Can’t See’ in March 2019.

Avina also makes music as one half of ambient synth duo Best Fern.

After recording ‘Unearth’ at Breakglass Studios, Montreal together with friends from the local music scene including Cedric Noel (bass), Nick Schofield (synth), Evan Tighe (drums, mastering), Justin Wright (cello) and Tim Gowdy (mixing, engineering), Avina connected with Lost Map Records online, leading to her becoming the label’s first North American signing.

“While I consider ‘Betting on an Island’ my ‘break-up’ album, ‘Unearth’ is its aftermath,” explains Avina. “It is about sifting through those layers of looking back through hurt and sadness and anger, and emerging with something new and calloused, or something soft and raw.

“It is about that very unique period of being alone again and trying to find your way back to yourself through other people. The majority of these songs are about my experiences with various connections I made at the time and the ways in which old patterns and insecurities still dutifully resurfaced as a reminder of what truly was mine.”

‘Unearth’ track listing:
1. Cups
2. Inner Garden
3. Horse’s Mane
4. Fit Into
5. I Love Watching You Live
6. Walk A Line
7. I Wouldn’t Go
8. Falling Starts
9. Feeding That Beast
10. Synth Jam
11. Night Sky

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