Alex Tronic releases a new single, ‘The Strangest Times’ on his own Alex Tronic label.

The work of Paul Croan aka Alex Tronic, the lockdown release was programmed in isolation, and vocals were provided by Dunbar-based singer Shuna Lovelle after lockdown, as were the viola parts played by Dominika Czerniga.

The track was recorded at his studio in Leith, Edinburgh, which has been described by Music Tech Magazine as, “a vintage synth treasure trove.”

Croan said of the single: “I wanted to take advantage of some extra time in my studio and to try and push myself out of my comfort zone, by creating some edgy pandemic beats.

“Hopefully, I have captured a sinister musical vibe, with an atmospheric vocal
delivered by Shuna. The live combination of vocals and viola really added to the
ambiance of the track.”

A new album from Alex Tronic is in production and due early 2021.

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