Alabaster dePlume releases a new EP, ‘Visit Croatia’, via the Lost Map label.

The title track – sampled on Bon Iver’s recent track ‘PDLIF’ – is taken from the album ‘To Cy & Lee Instrumentals Vol. 1‘ – released in February and currently available on 12” vinyl and digitally.

The EP also contains two previously-unreleased tracks, ‘The Good Wine’ and ‘Black Drifts’.

The non-de-plume of London-based Angus Fairbairn, Alabaster dePlume previously released ‘The Corner of a Sphere’ in 2018, before the current long-player, its 11 different instrumental tracks recorded over the space of eight years and featuring contributions from Dan ‘Danalogue’ Leavers of The Comet Is Coming, and Sarathy Korwar.

Of ‘Visit Croatia’, dePlume said: “One day, I realised I was waiting for someone to give me permission to make this.

“And at the same time, I realised – no-one could ever give me permission to make this. Not because they thought it was a bad thing. But because they didn’t know what it was. I can’t give you permission to do your awesome s**t. But someone else on this earth can. And I don’t mean Cy & Lee, and I don’t mean Bernie Sanders, and I don’t mean Karen either.”

Of the EP’s two previously unreleased tracks, the musician adds: “They are two of the pieces prepared around the release ‘Peach’. Created in (optional, pre-lockdown) isolation, with the aim of celebrating human connections through the sheer act of yearning for them. I love music, and words and performance, but it will never be as good as people. So, if I’m going to get my work done, I must sometimes go away from people.

“In the middle of a heavy gigging schedule I chose to take two cassette recorders somewhere I could be unreachable, for a week. I made many things there, including these tunes. It was winter. I chopped firewood. A chinook flew over my head. I gradually came to trust myself, to be sincere.”

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