Alabaster dePlume releases a new album on Lost Map Records – ‘To Cy & Lee – Intrumentals Vol. 1’.

Johnny ‘Pictish Trail’s Eigg-based imprint has taken on the new long-player by the Manchester-born musician and orator in collaboration with Chicago-based avant-jazz label International Anthem and the Total Refreshment Centre in London.

The brainchild of London-based Angus Fairbairn, Alabaster dePlume previously released ‘The Corner of a Sphere’ in 2018. Available on 12” vinyl and via digital services, the new album draws together 11 different instrumental tracks, some old and some brand new, recorded over eight years in cities.

Among the various collaborators across the 11-track effort are Dan ‘Danalogue’ Leavers of The Comet Is Coming, and Sarathy Korwar.

The album’s title is a tribute to Cy Lewis and Lee ‘Shredder’ Bowman, whom Alabaster met while working for Ordinary Lifestyles, a charity in Manchester which supports people with disabilities to live in their own homes and enjoy fulfilling lives.

As an exercise in helping them learn to socialise better, Alabaster would devise and sing improvised vocal melodies with the two men, recording their impromptu sessions on his phone. He later began to use these scratch improvisations as templates for fully-realised recordings.

The album is available on vinyl, as well as via Bandcamp, to download or stream.

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