Aidan Moffat releases a new album under his Sunset Ensemble pseudonym, via his Little Box of Hiss cassette label.

‘New Compositions’ is a 10-track instrumental release, available on limited cassette as well as download, both via Bandcamp. The third and final album of 2020 on L-Box, it was made using Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist software.

Moffat describes the release, which follows cassettes “by” Toygasm – ‘Nighttime Rainbows’ – and ‘Quiet Nights’ “self-titled” nine-track effort, as “a jazz album made in dark October nights… sounds for swinging algorithms!”

The Falkirk-born musician has plans for future music in the series, next summer, and with vocals, but for now “L-Box” will be taking a break, as his partnership with Malcolm Middleton reconvenes for the release of Arab Strap’s comeback album ‘As Days Get Dark’, due in March 2021.

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