Admlithi releases his debut album, ‘Tyrants’, via Armellodie Records.

The ten tracks were recorded in a 8ft x 12ft room, apart from field recordings around Peterhead.

The album, we are told, began with the discovery of an 80s Technics keyboard in a skip, which pushed the creator back into music, having given it up some years before. Plans for a feel-good party album in the memory of Prince were overtaken by a diagnosis of adult autism combined with a reaction to the prevalence of right-wing politics in the world.

“For nearly two decades of my adult life I did not have a TV or radio and actively avoided listening to the news”, says Admlithi. “In 2017 I became a bit obsessed with it as I could barely believe what was unfolding. Had everything always been this bad? Had I somehow stumbled into an alternative satirical dimension? Probably yes on both counts,” he concedes.

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