Adam Stafford releases a new, soundtrack=-oriented EP, entitled ‘Digressions In The Pale Palace’.

The six tracks, which run to around 26 minutes, were recorded either by Stafford or by long-time collaborator Robbie Lesiuk in Falkirk last year.

The EP is good news for fans of the award-nominated musician and filmmaker, as Stafford had “hastily” announced that he was quitting making music, following, alongside some personal problems, what he describes as a “financially and emotionally ruinous” UK tour in support of the epic double album ‘Fire Behind The Curtain’.

Happily, supportive friends and family got the musician through those trying times, to the point where he also has another “very lo-fi synthy” album due out – ‘The Acid Bothy’, written and recorded in a week in January – alongside the new EP, what he describes as “palette cleansers before the next big project”.

For now, ‘Digressions In The Pale Palace’ is available on a pay-what-you-want basis. More at