Adam Stafford releases a new EP, ‘Torments Through Supernatural Flogging’.

The three tunes, spanning around 35 minutes, were recorded live onto a mono cassette recorder last month, in Falkirk (this last fact may or may not have some bearing on the content).

The collection already has its first review in: “My mate Jonny (perhaps former bandmate Jonny McCall, perhaps not) said it reminded him of when he was trapped in a flamingo enclosure”.

The three tracks – ‘Dear Bill Gates, Will I Be Executed?’, ‘Hallglen Mathematics’, and ‘Megadrive Swapcart Whitey’ – show a return to the playfully obtuse song-naming of Stafford’s former act, Y’All is Fantasy Is;land, though the music on offer is closer to his soundtrack work and indeed his photobook/album release ‘Reverse Drift’, currently available via Gerry Loves Records.