Adam Stafford releases a new album, ‘Trophic Asynchrony’, via the Song, by Toad label.

The climate crisis-themed long-player includes recent singles‘Ruptured Telecine‘, covering polarisation and conspiracy politics, and ‘Threnody For February Swallows‘ – a “lament for the environment”.

Written and recorded during lockdown, the mainly instrumental record will follow similar releases from the Falkirk musician, including EP’Music For Reface CP‘, and the collection of freshly-recorded archive material, ‘Diamonds of a Horse Famine‘.

Available on blotted yellowy/orange 12″ vinyl as well as a download, the new release was tracked in four days with long-term collaobrator Robbie Lesiuk before being mastered by Reuben Taylor. It’s Stafford’s fifth release on the Edinburgh-based record label, although his back catalogue spans a couple of decades, going back to his time as frontman in Y’all is Fantasy Island.

Stafford says of the ‘concept’ behind the new album’s eight tracks: “We’re at a real critical crossroads in terms of where humanity is heading and the systems of neo-liberal excess are happy to eat themselves to death while the rest of us either shrug or shake our heads.”

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