Adam Stafford releases a new single, ‘Ruptured Telecine’.

On Song, by Toad Records, the track is available to download now.

It’s from a forthcoming “climate crisis album” LP called `Trophic Asynchrony’ which is available to pre-order currently ahead of its July 10th release.

Recorded last year, the eight track effort will be available on blotted yellowy/orange 12″ vinyl as well as download, is out on July 10th.

Written and recorded during lockdown, the mainly instrumental record will follow similar releases in the Falkirk musician’s ‘Music For Reface CP‘ EP, and the collection of freshly-recorded archive material, ‘Diamonds of a Horse Famine‘.

Of the new single, Stafford says: “The song is basically about the extreme polarisation of opinions and politics we see across social media and how it has spilled into our real-life relationships”.

“It’s about the fixed reality tunnels people find themselves utterly trapped in,” he continues, “and about the way in which some people will not climb down from an argument, opinion or ideology they know is ridiculous.”

“I gave it the name ‘Ruptured Telecine’, which basically means broken film,” he adds, “because the slightly detuned synths put me in mind of old educational films from the 1970s and 1980s.”

The track is accompanied by a video made by Leo Bruges, of which Stafford explains: “Leo and I discussed in length a video of repurposed footage with flashing slogans in the style of Adam Curtis documentaries. Out of that idea morphed one where we would send-up and satirise online cults and conspiracy groups such as QAnon.

“The character is bemused but happy to go along with the directions he is receiving off-screen. I think that people enveloped by these collectives know in their heart of hearts that the ideas that they endorse are silly and bogus, but, like society and capitalism, once you have invested in an ideology, it’s hard to remove yourself from it.”

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