Adam Stafford releases a new album, ‘Diamonds of a Horse Famine’.

Containing nine tracks and including recent singles ‘Erotic Thistle’ and the title track, it’s available on available on 12″ red vinyl from the recently revived Song By Toad Records.

Recorded during the past six months, it was inspired by the discovery of a little red book hidden beneath some tupperware in a cardboard box leading to “forgotten stories and mistakes told by different characters”.

The Falkirk-based songwriter describes the collection as “stories of loneliness, heartbreak and regret… y’know, all the fun stuff you want to listen to during a depressing pandemic.”

Among the uncovered sketches of songs spanning 15 years, the title track to ‘Diamonds of a Horse Famine’ was written when Stafford was only 19 and – technically the oldest song on the collection.

The album was mastered by Reuben Taylor, while artwork for the release comes from Paul Tonner, who was also responsible for Malcom Middleton’s ‘Into The Woods’ LP sleeve.

As well as the new album, Stafford also used lockdown to upload his entire back catalogue onto Bandcamp – a full 80 hours of music.

‘Diamonds of a Horse Famine’ track listing:
1. Thirty Years of Bad Road
2. History of Longest Days
3. Erotic Thistle
4. What Kind of Man
5. Slave
6. Calf & Cow Blues
7. Diamonds of A Horse Famine
8. House is a Hospice
9. Summer on Elm Wood

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