Adam Stafford releases a new single, ‘Erotic Thistle’ on Song, by Toad.

The track is the first to come from a forthcoming new LP of long-lost tracks out on October 16th and available to pre-order now.

The album comes out of what the Falkirk musician describes as “a creatively fruitful period,” with the discovery of a little red book hidden beneath some tupperware in a cardboard box leading to “forgotten stories and mistakes told by different characters”.

“‘Erotic Thistle’ was mostly written during a period in 2010,” Stafford says of the album’s lead single, “when I lived in Glasgow and slept for most of the day due to anxiety-ridden bouts of depression.’

The song features the lyrics “Melt down my death mask and fashion it into a dildo”, which Stafford explains was added after reading a story about a Russian woman who wanted to steal Lenin’s death mask and turn it into a sexual object. “That story appealed to my very odd sense of humour,” he admits.

The single also comes with a video – made by Aaron Shrimpton’ (rather than by the BAFTA-nominated filmmaker himself).

“Shrimpton became obsessed with filming flickering, dancing light on walls and floors of his house and the many spiders, dead or otherwise that populated these spaces,” Stafford recalls. “In turn he creates something beautifully hypnotic in the organically animated chairoscuro.”

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