Glasgow alt-rock band Acrylic release a new single, ‘I’ve Got Too Many Friends’.

Like the quartet’s previous EP ‘All I Am’, it comes via the Scottish Fiction label.

The band formed in 2014 when vocalist Andreas Christodoulidis, Ross Patrizio (guitar/vocals), Jack Lyall (guitar), Lewis Doig (bass/vocals/synth) and Ruairidh Smith (drums) moved to Glasgow for university.

Since then the foursome have sold out Glasgow’s King Tut’s and have supported the likes of The View, Demob Happy, Palace and The Ninth Wave.

Of the single, Christodoulidis said: “‘I’ve Got Too Many Friends’ is about feeling as though you’ve found yourself in an ideal situation, with all the pieces falling together, and knowing that you’ve still going to mess it up.

“It’s about a rift developing in a relationship and explores the naive idea that sex will resolve your issues, even though it will, in fact, be a colourless and sad affair and will most likely send you straight to the abyss.”

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