Seminal Scots indie act AC Acoustics have their album Victory Parts reissued in deluxe format by One Little Indian.

The 2-CD set includes the original version of what was the band’s first full-length album with three extra tunes – ‘Shoka’, ‘Violent Peep’ and the long-deleted ‘Hand Passes Plenty’ – plus a second disc featuring a set from the Reading festival.

The band formed in Glasgow in 1990 and released the Wrist Eye EP – featuring backing vocals from Teenage Fanclub’s Gerry Love. A John Peel session brought a record deal with Elemental who released their debut mini album Able Treasury, and it was a Peel session, passed onto Butthole Surfers drummer King Coffey on cassette, which saw that debut released in the USA on Trance Syndicate.

Some lineup changes had ensued by the time Victory Parts appeared in 1997 and it was Paul Campion, Caz Riley, Mark Raine, and Dave Gormley who enjoyed most success – mainly critical rather than commercial though, perhaps most notable was the patronage of Placebo’s Brian Molko (the Dundee-born Placebo frontman memorably wearing a ‘Stunt Girl’ T-shirt on Top of the Pops)

The band went on to release two more albums, Understanding Music (2000) and O (2002), before finally calling it a day.

Full track info:

CD1: Victory Parts
1. Hand Passes Empty
2. Hammerhead
3. I messiah am Jailer
4. Stunt Girl
5. Ex Quartermaster
6. Continuity Freak
7. Shoka
8. High Divers
9. Kill Zane
10. Absent Luck Liner
11. Fast
12. Violent Peep
13. Admirals All
14. Can’t See Anything
15. Hand Passes Plenty
16. (Red Not Yellow)

CD 2: The Silver Echo and The Golden Echo
(BBC Live At Reading Festival)
1. Hand Passes Empty
2. Shoka
3. Sister Grab Operator
4. Stunt Girl
5. I Messiah am Jailer
6. Hammerhead
7. Continuity Freak
8. Absent Luck Liner
9. Can’t See Anything