A New International release a new single, ‘Ghost Light’.

Following previous singles ‘Drunk is a Holiday‘ and ‘Swirly‘, it’s the latest track to be released from the band’s forthcoming third album ‘Lost and Later Songs’ – a collection of older, rediscovered material freshly recorded under the pandemic-era lockdown conditions of 2020.

Currently a five piece – Biff Smith, Caroline Evens, Craig Laurie, Mark McSwiggan, and Steph McGourty – the band’s ‘new’ song was actually written in 2010.

Frontman and chief songwriter Smith tells the story of the track: “14th April 2010 at 9.50am is the earliest noted record in the archives for this one. It sounds uncharacteristically early in the morning for me but, as the politicians like to tell you, statistics don’t lie.”

“The night before, I had been out drinking with my friend Paul Tasker. We decided to round off a very enjoyable evening with whisky and tunes back at Paul’s flat during which I remember Paul modelling a beautifully made Swedish Army greatcoat which he’d picked up somewhere or another on the internet.

“He cut quite a dash as he marched smartly up and down his living room, swaying his whisky to and fro with a martial air. Among various other pressing issues up for discussion that evening, Paul mentioned that he had an old synthesiser he was looking to get rid of and did I want it?

“That sounds like a laugh, I thought, and we settled on the princely sum of £20.

“The next morning, I woke to find I was now the proud owner of a Yamaha SK10 Symphonic Ensemble. There it was, propped against the wall of my bedroom. Oh well, I thought, I had certainly woken up to worse.

“I plugged it in, switched it on and…”

Jockrock says: “Biff Smith’s vocal is perfectly complemented by his bandmates on this evocative, ’80s-tinged track which bodes well for the forthcoming collection of thankfully rediscovered material”

‘Ghost Light’ is available to download now – more at www.anewinternational.com / facebook.com/anewinternational.