A New International release a new single, ‘Swirly’.

The first new material from the Glasgow-based sextet since March’s single ‘History Will Be Ours‘, the track is available to download now.

Like its predecessor, the new single is taken from the Glasgow act’s forthcoming album ‘Lost and Later Songs’, a collection of new material recorded under the pandemic-era lockdown conditions of 2020.

Currently a six piece – Biff Smith, Caroline Evens, Craig Laurie, Mark McSwiggan, Steph McGourty and Jo Shaw – the band’s ‘new’ song was actually written in 2009, as singer Smith recalls. “Around this time, I was beginning to collaborate with my friend Ally Kerr on his songs, working towards his album ‘Viva Melodia’.

However, the song didn’t come together as hoped in the studio, “filed under ‘Too much like hard work'” and the song was never even played live.

However, it was eventually “jigsaw-pieced together” by producer Colin Elliot, the band demanding he turn it into “a three-minute rush of reverb-laden dreampop with three-part harmonies, fuzzy guitars and fizzy synthesisers in a chiming burst of frazzled melody”.

You can hear (and see) the results below.

More at www.anewinternational.com / facebook.com/anewinternational.