With a debut single in ‘Dead For The Waist Up’ and a name taken from a wartime animal with a penchant for beer and fags, Glasgow quartet Wojtek The Bear have more than a few questions to answer. So guitarist Graham ‘Chuck’ Norris agreed to do just that…

Tam Killean (guitar,vocals), Graham Norris (guitars, backing vocals) Neil Raeside (bass) and Martin Mcclements (drums)

Wojtek The Bear large

Been together (in parts) since the turn of last year. Tam wanted to record some songs and had asked me to come on board to help out. After practising for a good few weeks we thought we should try to get a band together. Martin (drummer) and I grew up on the same street as kids and he was keen to get involved. Neil (bass) and Tam go to football together and despite Neil being a guitarist, Tam leaned on Neil’s amiability to come in and play bass. Been rehearsing as a full band since the start of this year.

We went in to record a single with Chris McCrory of Catholic Action and made our first pop video before having a launch at the Govanhill baths. It’s hard to be objective when trying to describe the music. I think the ‘smart, casual, indie pop’ tag sits nicely with us. When Tam and I started rehearsing we thought it would go down a Whitest Boy Alive kinda route. We both like clean tones and clarity. Thats not *exactly* what’s happened but we are all happy with where it has led so far. No one’s talking about bringing in a woodwind section. Yet.

Initially, the plan was just to get some songs recorded and see where that took us. The reality though is that we are all into playing shows and getting the music out to as many people as possible. Everything so far has felt pretty organic and to date no one has packed up their stuff, said, “it’s my baw” and walked out. We’ve already been back in with Chris to record and the plan is to get an EP out and a small tour to coincide early next year.

Wojtek The Bear support Wintersleep at Stereo in Glasgow on Wednesday 12th October. New download single ‘The Drunken Sailor’ is available now.

More at www.facebook.com/wojtekthebearband