A Alston release a single, ‘Saved By Your Presence’

The track also features Justin Currie (Del Amitri) on vocals, James Kirk (Orange Juice) on guitar, Ken and David McCluskey (The Bluebells) on vocals, harmonica and percussion, Mick Slaven (The Independent Group) and Douglas Macintyre (Creeping Bent records maestro and general gun for hire) on acoustic guitar.

The track is taken from the 2018 album ’12 Women part 1′, which features six collaborations by Alston with various international and local musicians and artists.

Alston himself is the keyboard player with Del Amitri, and also plays with The Bluebells, Vic Godard and the Subway Sect and with Port Sulphur amongst other projects.

This song is in fact written by a life sentenced inmate whom Andy Alston taught in prison.

“In many ways this individual was himself saved by his own music,” says Alston of the track. “He was a prolific songwriter who continued writing and recording songs up until the time he died.”

When ALston first heard his songs he recognised that this was a talent who wrote beautiful music which should be heard by the public.

More including details on the full album at aalston.bandcamp.com.