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Motherwell / Lanarkshire gig guide

apologies for the lack of gig guide information, all efforts are being made to set up a new system

Soundgarden gigs take place at Motherwell's Starka Bar (Brandon Street)

and here's a handy guide to the resurgence in Lanarkshire music, courtesy of the Soundgarden people...

For such a small place, Lanarkshire has had a huge impact on the world of music. Since the early 90s, Lanarkshire bands have become a mainstay of the music press, and have had a massive influence on other musicians: the Pastels and BMX Bandits influenced Kurt Cobain, while Teenage Fanclub spawned a legion of soundalikes (such as current media darlings, the Glasgow-based Cosmic Rough Riders). Mogwai and The Delgados are influencing today's musicians, and a new generation of Lanarkshire bands are beginning to emerge from the underground scene. For over 10 years, Fowel Productions, has worked in association with Soundgarden to represent these young bands and support them as much as they can.

The Soundgarden Organisation organise gigs, festivals, compilation cd's and many other things, with one common objective, raising the profile of the Lanarkshire music scene. At the moment, Soundgarden host a weekly band nite in Starka Bar, Motherwell. As well as giving young inexperienced bands a great chance to shine, the Soundgarden Nites have attracted more established bands from all over Scotland. The sucess of the Thursday night gigs has enabled Soundgarden to invest in a new and better PA, moniters, stage, lighting rig and graphic projections. However, we need your continued support if we are to get even better, please, turn out to the gigs, visit the website, get in touch... a local scene will only be as big as its following.

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