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Glasgow hosts a bit more over half a million people. It's probably the centre for what you might (or might not) call underground culture in Scotland, at least all-year round - certainly it has most visiting bands. Best known as the heart-disease capital of the world and spiritual home of the deep-fried Mars Bar* (the 2 facts are not necessarily related)

*yes,we know it was 'invented' in Stonehaven.

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radio - Hmm. Clyde is the commercial station, plus QFM in nearby Paisley. Nothing of much consequence though though Billy Sloan has a show on Sunday nights (7-10) which plays vaguely alternative stuff. Occasionally (2 or 3 months a year) a RSL will pop up on FM or AM - SubCity is Glasgow University's station and has a good mix of indie and dance, while Fusion is connected to Strathclyde though may not be active at persent. Beat106 covers bothe Glasgow and Edinburgh and has some indie content (in the 10pm-1am slot as well as Sunday evenings)

tv - Surprisingly, there's no local cable channel in Glasgow. See the national section for a round-up of what there is (not a lot!)

newspapers - The Herald's supposedly a national paper but has a bit of a Glasgow bent. Occasional live reviews and features. Evening newspaper is the Evening Times and has music news too. Edinburgh-based The List covers the central belt.

Record shops - check out the map, but there are branches of Avalanche and Missing as well as the usual suspects of Tower, HMV and Virgin. Sadly, John Smiths recently closed its record department.

Education: Glasgow Strathclyde, Caledonian Universities are the main ones. Plus, for people wanting to study musicrelated subjects, the legendary Stow College, home of Belle and Sebastian.

Events - here's usually some lager-sponsored fetsival at Glasgow Green every year plus the Folk festival which has some good not-that-folky stuff. And other things which don't have any web links...

Football - There's only one team in Glasgow, sing fans of Queens Park, and since Clyde decamped to Cumbernauld, they're probably right, though Partick Thistle offer a top-flight alternative to the money-grubbing antics of a couple of other teams in the east end and south side.


When: every 3rd Saturday of the month, 11pm-3am
Where: Ad Lib, 111 Hope Street
Who: Dj's Boab & Timi Bacon (A.K.A Creme De Menthe)
How much:£4.50 (N.U.S) £5
What:Hip Hop/Electro/funk

When: every 1st Friday of the month, 11pm-3am
Where: The Universal, 57 Sauchiehall Lane
Who: pH5.5 and family
How much:£5 / £4
What: juicy tunes, dirty djs, fun and games


Mono / Stereo

13th Note


The Garage

King Tuts

The Cathouse


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