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It's a city of nearly a quarter of a million inhabitants on the North-east coast. There are a few bands and record labels up here, but of the 4 cities, either they have least musical activity, or they're simply so far away that no-one gets to hear about it, being 150 miles north of Edinburgh. It's best known for nature-related activities (fish, sheep and oil). See a map of the city centre. (we're working on updating the info a little - Drakes has moved to the harbour).).

Quick guide: 1=Triple Kirks / 2=One-Up Records / 3=Lava/Glow303 / 4=Cafe Drummond / 5=Fopp / 6=The Lemon Tree / 7=Drakes / 8=The Foyer


Football - north-easterners don't have much interest in football. So a Saturday afternoon at Pittodrie suits them just fine. Though to be fair, a return to the glory days of the1980's seems, well, closer than it was last season. (Aberdeen zine)


radio - Northsound is the local radio station but all alternative programming has been scrapped. DJ Del Franklin is stil active though - see his website

newspapers - What to read: get The Guide for listings. Local daily broadsheet is the Press and Journal and there's an evening newspaper - the Evening Express. Neither is exactly known for its support of local (or non-local) alternative music but features show up occasionally...

web - Aberdeens internet 'scene' is pretty well-represented via several sites. Fudge Fanzine, which is also a zine (with an excellent free cd with every issue), the Aberdeen Ultimate Band List (AUBL), and musicaldifferences.com are all worth a look. Alphabetty Records is a local label whose website is more than a simple plug for the label. The city's other favourits sons are to be found at Lithium Records

Record shops - 2 shopsof interest here - One-Up (at 17 Belmont St. Tel: 01224 642662) is the shop to get your indie stuff and there's a Fopp at 13 McCombies Court (01224 625052). Oh, and a HMV and Virgin, I think, on/near Union Street

Education: A fairly large student population thanks to 4 further education establishments - Aberdeen Uni, Robert Gordon's Uni, Aberdeen College, and Northern College

Events - "Go North" is an annual event (spring) which sees much of the UK music industry decamp to the Granite City for a week of showcas gigs and seminars and the like. Highly recommended.

Further reading - Northsound's Del Franklin has kindly prepared us an insider's guide to Aberdeen - read his guide to Aberdeen


Drakes Bar

The Lemon Tree

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