The Fast Track Outlaws
Glasgow, The Arches
The first band of the night took to the stage and the front man introduced them as The Fast Track Outlaws.
Without wasting any time these guys bounced straight into it… literally.
First song was a bouncy little number called ‘Sister Disco’.
If this was a taste of tunes to come these guys were gonna be shithot. For the first band of the night they managed to get a good crowd to the front jumping about and singing along to the catchy lyrics of this dancey rock song…fair enough, it was their mates, but even I found myself wanting to get into it.
Another song that grabbed my attention was an instrumental called ‘Smoke Break Song’. Which actually was the front man’s smoke break song when smoking was still allowed in clubs. I couldn’t actually believe a new band starting out was gonna do an instrumental, but the look on the front man’s face while he stood giving the crowd Bez style dancing said more than words itself.
I actually think more bands should do this as it gives more attention to the other members, this was a great opportunity for the guitarist to show off his abilities, which he did. I suspect there was some improvising as you could see by the look on his face he was getting well carried away, but it worked. This was some serious guitar playing, and along with some catchy bounce bass lines and tight drumming, these guys come together nicely.
I found out later on that these guys had only been together for 2 months and had only played 3 gigs, which was excellent considering how comfortable they look on stage and as a group.
I’m always on the look-out for the next big thing, so I’m gonna be following these guys up and keeping an eye on them. (Gill Brammer)

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