The work of an Edinburgh-based songwriter and his band, the songs on Romantic Fiction are designed to surprise the listener with sudden appearences from Uliean pipes on ‘Leaving’, or the reed-like synth that introduces ‘At The Harbour’. Lamont is a more than competent guitarist and the mix of blues and afro touches on display go a long way towards bolstering the rhythmic babble that underpins first number ‘IOU’ and which suggests there is something a bit livelier on its way from both Lamont and backing band the Decibelles. That isn’t all though, Lamonts breathily subtle vocal style might give Sting cause for concern, although Lamont himself is showing the depth of a highly experienced musician who’s quite able to fend off less than charitable comments such as ‘ that was a bit new agey’ or ‘ wasn’t he in TV21?’. (Jon Gordon)