Wednesday night in Barfly saw the return of Glasgow psych/indie/rock band Immersed.

This is the third time I’ve seen this band now and each time has been totally different due to their member changes.

The first time I saw them they were a female fronted band with the bass player’s sister bringing husky vocals, sultry struts and skimpy dresses which attracted quite a good male-orientated indie following.

The next time I saw them they had ditched their female vocalist, added some synth and a male frontman with that Gallagher/Brown type attitude that didn’t seem to be working.

So now, Immersed are made up of drums, bass guitar and are fronted by a male vocalist. But, how did they sound, and was this third time lucky? Well, as soon as these guys took to the stage, their now female-orientated fan base flocked to the front and got themselves prepared for this band’s new sound.

The drummer started up and welcomed in some 60’s psychedelic guitar riffs, but what I think everyone was waiting to hear was how the vocals were gonna fit in, and there it was… the frontman’s indie-style vocals came in and pleasantly brought together some great drumming and guitar work and played bouncily along with some catchy bass lines.

It’s clear this band have been influenced by bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd and The Stone Roses, which come flooding from their sound, especially in songs such as ‘The Sides Are Divided’ and ‘The Hardest Floor’ which were the real crowd pleasers of the night and managed to get a few female dancers strutting their stuff at the side of the stage.

The good thing about all these member changes is that it gives the band a chance to experiment with their sound. For me, this lineup is a keeper.

Go have a listen to some of the tracks on their website and get a better idea of what I’m talking about.