The Stow College record label Electric Honey has, over the years, brought to our ears many delights from bands such as Belle and Sebastian, Wake the President, Biffy Clyro and now Woodenbox. Sadly, the night at King Tut’s, designed to showcase three of their latest signings, is overshadowed by flyers and posters everywhere alerting the audience to its possible demise as Stow College faces curriculum changes. A petition is duly signed, and I certainly hope that this Glasgow stalwart is not forced to stop pressing records of the quality we’ve come to expect.

Now, at this point I could go into a rant about educational policy, but I shall move onto the music, which is a pleasure. Woodenbox are always a joy to behold, their energetic performances getting feet shifting and hands clapping from the off. They play quality Americana alt-country on acoustic guitars, Ali Downer’s raw vocals lifting above the sticky air, and letting us forget the rather poor game of football shown beforehand in the bar. My head bobs along throughout, and I find myself longing for a bourbon, a porch and a balmy firefly night. They’re not quite as raucous tonight as they can be, but the mix of trumpet, guitars and spirit blend to make me smile.

After the show, their manager Guillaume announces they’re off to play a ‘secret show’ in the Halt, and this hard-working troupe will follow it by heading to Rockness tomorrow. Their summer is filled with dates, so if you get the chance, aim to catch them – a perfect festival band.