What a tribute to David Cameron’s nonsense, two Scottish bands supporting a more renowned American band; which is basically how the Second World War was won, except that it isn’t in any way.

My Tiny Robots are notable for two things: the guitarist is wearing a Roxy Music t-shirt, and also their music, which straddles the somewhat familiar boundaries of folk and indie, sounds really good. There’s hints of the idiosyncrasies of a few 80s bands like Roxy Music, Orange Juice and Talking Heads mixed with more modern folk. The songs take on a appealingly wistful tone and it’s just very difficult to resist all the things this band offer.
Fortunately that’s okay.

Then there’s Jesus H. Foxx, who despite having a name that implies some sort of hip connection to Jamie Foxx, sound heavily influenced by bands like Pavement and fellow Jesus namedroppers The Jesus and Mary Chain.
Crowding the stage with seven musicians, they have vocal harmonies that are worth going to war for, and though that would probably seem like a rash decision in hindsight, it works really well alongside the almost apathetic lead vocal. They’re so good at their style of early 90s/late 80s indie that they could make an excellent impression of victims of a time travelling accident, or a band that decided to travel forward in time because that scene was too crowded or something, probably neither, they sound great.

Dum Dum Girls behave on stage as if their only prior exposure to Edinburgh was a few choice pages of Trainspotting and seem almost scared to talk to the audience – the brains of the operation, Dee Dee, offers only a few words of gratitude between songs over the entire set.
Still, their performance makes up for the lack of conversation. Powering through songs from debut album ‘I Will Be’, they breathe explosive energy into songs that seem a little bit reserved on record and every chorus is eagerly anticipated for the brief replete joy it will bring. There’s nothing at fault, there we have it – Dum Dum Girls: a very, very good live band. Hopefully future releases will reflect this too.