Not since the heady days of the early to mid-nineties has the acoustic rock track enjoyed massive success. Everybody remembers Wet Wet Wet’s epic ‘Love Is All Around’, and not to mention Bryan Adams ‘Everything I Do.’ Collectively, those two ballads were responsible for more off-the-cuff romance, album sales and the soundtrack to countless wedding videos in a five-year stretch than any other time imaginable.

While it’s never been a genre for everybody, the mushy rock ballad has been pushed aside for much more saccharine tracks in the last twenty years. But proving that there’s still great fun to be had from this old chestnut, Chris Adams is set to release his new single ‘Transformed.’

And when it comes to ticking the right boxes for a rock getting all emotional, this new track has them covered. Wistful lyrics delivered in a hoarse manner, a storyline that wouldn’t look out of place in a Twlight movie and a guitar solo that reminds the listener all that’s good about rock and roll, ‘Transformed’ makes for an enjoyable listen.

Not so much a throwback as an addition to what is already a log-jammed legacy. Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and even Aerosmith when they were in the mood, they could all tug at our heartstrings when the stars aligned. And Chris Adams doesn’t feel out of place with this new single. If anything he’s giving it a much-deserved shot in the arm.
Dusting off the leather jacket last worn in the Summer of ’69, ‘Transformed’ is a feel-good song that emphasises the softer underbelly of rock. Even the shaggiest, toughest of dogs likes getting scratched behind the ears. Thanks to artists like Adams, it’s still cool for rockers not to wear their hearts in their jeans.