Given that Mogwai have a (well-deserved) reputation for awesome live shows, it’s perhaps a little odd that this is their first live album, a mere fifteen years into their career. No matter. When it’s as good as Special Moves, it really is worth it.

It really is worth getting the vinyl box set (I’m going to starve for the next month and it will be worth it) – or the deluxe download package in order to hear the whole thing. Like the best live albums, it is not just a simple replaying of the albums, but shows just how great the band are live, and is a great album in its’ own right. ‘Like Herod’ still make you jump at THAT point (it is possibly the audio equivalent of that scene in Carrie.

All five of their studio albums from the last thirteen years or so are represented, rather than just being based on one or two albums. This album is yet more proof – if confirmation were needed by now – that Mogwai really are one of the best acts of the last twenty years. A new album is due next year – bring it on…