Pop with an attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Mitchell Museum have crafted an ear-boggling slab of extravagant pop bliss. Unforgiving eccentricity leaps forth from the stereo with every turn. Opening salvo of ‘We Won 2nd Prize’ and recent single, ‘Warning Bells’ set the bar with a cock-sure swagger, the latter’s bombastic drums and stirring guitars drive forth, with a chorus so ear-tickling, this reviewer had to skip it back not once, not twice, but three times before forging on. An act of foolishness considering the musical jollies that ensued. ‘Take The Tongue Out’, ‘Mission 1’ and ‘Tiger Heartbeat’ proving that a bellyful of organised-melodic-chaos, coupled with a sprinkle of surreal imagery is a riveting combo, like a T-bone steak – bloody is best – and peppercorn sauce, it’s a perfect pairing.
Time and again, the album delivers an abundance of ideas and a depth of intelligence to challenge any of the band’s notable musical influences, think Of Montreal, WHY?, or a budget Flaming Lips and your head’s in the right space, but to compare Mitchell Museum directly to any singular band or record however would be doing them an injustice.
The album’s title derives from the town on the Isle of Benebecula in Scotland where vocalist and song-writer Cammy MacFarlane was shipped out to live as a kid by his parents, where he was treated for ‘losing his mind’. Whether he found his mind is anyone’s guess but he certainly didn’t lose his creative spirit or imagination, he’s definitely got those, and they’re right here for us all to marvel.