The much awaited A Garden at the Top of the Tree is a mixture of friendly bubble-pop, mingled with relaxed indie folk that creates an emotive yet optimistic sound that is difficult to come by. Fraser, the Scottish indie quartet, has certainly done a good job with this album, producing a clean and energetic sound that keeps you singing along. The first track ‘Always Only You’ is one of my favourites, with laid back low beats and snare drums peppered between minimal lyrics. This immediately listenable combination creates a relaxed feel to start off the album. This continues throughout until another of my favourite tracks, ‘Boubalina Sunshine’ kicks in and immediately the listener is transported back to the 60s with swing-pop and jazz vibes, reminiscent of the Beach Boys. There are a whirlwind of surprises in the album with jazz and swing notes here and there, it will appeal to most people with its easy listening qualities. This isn’t a bad thing as far as I’m concerned, and its upbeat yet laid back feel will certainly brighten your day.