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6th April 2020

In the press this week: Over at a chat with Olive Grove Records founder Lloyd Meredith (more…)

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21st March 2020

Sorry, we’ve only got is this music? links for you this time round as our team of spotters are all indors, plus our hacks are too shy to submit anything they’ve written for inclusion. Hope that’s ok

Anyway, we have interviews with Harsh Winters, Paul Vickers / The Leg, Malcolm Middleton, Anna Meredith, The Yummy Fur, and many more

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28th November 2019

A mixed bag including a decent Glasgow-based ramble (more…)

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1st August 2019

Here’s a roundup of some of the other media outlets featuring Scottish musicians lately…

HiFi Sean (more…)

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6th December 2018

Some recommended reading for you in websites that aren’t this one…

In The National, Nadine McBay talks to Strike The Colours

There’s a bit of a backlog building up including these interviews on is this music? – with Karine Polwart, Bill Wells, Ian Donaldson (out of H2O), Kathryn Joseph, The Twistettes, The Nightingales, Jamie Scott, The Iain Duncan Smiths, TracyAnne and Danny, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Carla J Easton, Randolph’s Leap, and Teenage Fanclub. Sorry there’s not more…

Female First had a chat with Static Future

And For The Rabbits spoke to Malcolm Middleton too…

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5th July 2018

A bit of a random bunch from the past few weeks, starting with… Nadine McBay’s feature on Candythief (more…)

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1st March 2018
Spook School

Frankly, we’ve no idea what other elements of the media are doing at the moment, but is this music? has a small backlog of features on some of your Scottish indie-schmoindie favourites. Including interviews with:

The Spook School
Iglomat, and
The Hazey Janes

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18th January 2018

One from Vice, as Belle and Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson ranks the band’s albums, in order. Could be awkward…

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2nd December 2017

Some love for Bdy_Prts in the press of late: Jonathan Geddes in the Evening Times

and also Nadine McBay in The National

who has also recently been on the trail of:


Roddy Woomble

and Catholic Action

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