An unsigned Scottish singer-songwriter has reached the top of the UK charts gor physical releases with his latest single.

Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Pete Macleod reached #1 in the official UK physical singles charts – despite having no record company backing.

His song ‘Firing Line’ beat the likes of Bastille, The Weeknd, Gerry Cinnamon, Coldplay and Lewis Capaldi to the top slot.

The track – a commentary on the harmful impact of social media in modern society – was originally released last year in an acoustic format (video below). However, the Coatbridge man decided to re-issue it as a full-band version, given, as he suggests, its subject matter – online bullying – became more and more prominent.

The singer said: “Being able to top the charts – any charts – with a song written and recorded by yourself is so unbelievably rare. It just demonstrates that those controlling the record industry, the radios, and streaming services do not hold all the cards.

“This also shows that people still care about music; fans will go out and pay for it. The song is only now available on Spotify, but there were so many out there handing over money for this single because the track speaks to them directly.

“That’s what it all comes down to: People are turning away from this harmful social media culture. That way will soon be done.

“Music fans are also turning away from the norm as well: Independent artists are able to reach millions now without formal industry support; some are playing festivals at the weekend and are back at work on Monday; even vinyl is coming back.

“It’s the beginning of a revolution – and artists are gaining some of the control back from the profiteers who only want to exploit, and push recycled, unoriginal, radio-friendly garbage.”

The singer says he is committed to fighting against the harmful impact of online bullying, especially in the wake of the death of Caroline Flack.

He said: “The song is a dig at social media and the people who use, and abuse, those platforms to be anti-social.

“When people are taking their own lives as a result of this cowardly online bullying, then surely it is time to action against this system of behaviour.

Pete Macleod’s single ‘Firing Line’ is now available to stream on Spotify.

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