Following our recent news item detailing the possibility of an alternative to T in the Park taking place on Glasgow Green in 2017, organisers DF Concerts have announced that the festival will indeed be taking a break next year.

Along with brewer / sponsor Tennents, the promoter addressed a statement to
“the best audience in the world”.

Looking back in what seems a rather ‘final’ piece of prose, the statement details how the festival was initially launched “to give Scottish music fans an unforgettable weekend with their friends enjoying the best acts from around the globe.”

Pointing out that when T launched in 1994 there were only two festivals in the UK, DF cite T as one of the “best known, biggest and most loved festivals in the world.”

However, blaming the enforced move from Balado in 2015 on the festival’s decline, and the Scottish Government’s insistence in protecting an osprey’s nest as a factor, the statement says that the logistic and financial constraints are “simply not workable.

The missive concludes: “We now need to take stock and take a year out to try to resolve the issues so that we can once again deliver the kind of camping festival you are used to and deserve,” before ending with an optimistic (?) “Until the next time…”