Edwyn Collins, Bobby Bluebell and Dougie Payne out of Travis are among the musicians whose artistic work will feature in an exhibition in Glasgow during March.

Open to the public from March 2nd to 25th, the curator of ‘Artists who make music Musicians who make art’ at Glasgow Railway Club is Soup Dragons drummer Ross Sinclair.

Sinclair has invited 100 members from the art and music communities to submit an artwork, (irrespective of which form they are best known for) and to contribute an example of their music for a digital mix-tape that will be played in the space. Films and videos will be exhibited reflecting an eclectic mix of pop video, performance and film-work.

Other acts among the famous names featured include the KLF’s Bill Drummond, singer David McClymont, Turner prizewinner Douglas Gordon, Franz Ferdinand bassist Bob Hardy, Teenage Fanclub / Mogwai drummer Brendan O’Hare, and Dave Shrigley (designer of Partick Thistle mascot Kingsley and a collaborator with the likes of David Byrne and ballboy).

‘Artists who make music / Musicians who make art’ is open on Fridays to Sundays, March 2-25, from 12 to 6pm.

More at http://queensparkrailwayclub.co.uk