Alex Botten – of Thee Moths renown – is to franchise his Thee Alex ‘brand’ in 2019, allowing anyone wishing to work under the monicker for the sum of just £1.

The agreement will allow musicians to play shows, release music, and otherwise be Thee Alex for one year.

The unusual move comes as Alex – real surname Botten, and who has performed in many acts and guises including Dundee combo Magnetic North Pole – will not be playing any gigs or releasing any music on his own over the next 12 months (instead, being part of experimental troupe Goodiepal and Pals as well as working on a novel).

On signing up, franchisees can “be” Thee Alex for the entirety of 2019 – being entitled to officially play shows as Thee Alex, release music as Thee Alex, even do interviews as Thee Alex. Any money they might make during their time as a franchised Thee Alex will be theirs to keep.

They will also be given admin rights on the Thee Alex Facebook page.

The main contractural stipulation is that they not bring the ‘brand’ into disrepute.

The idea is unusual, but not unique, the most famous example being Art Brut who counted We Are Scientists as one of their franchises. A Battle of the Franchises event even took place in London with the original band’s knowledge.

Anyone wishing to sign up to become Thee Alex can contact Thee ‘real’ Alex (for now at least at) by emailing alexbotten with the subject “Franchise”.