Teenage Fanclub have settled their lineup change following the departure of bassist Gerry Love last autumn.

Joining the Glasgow indie legends will be former Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci frontman Euros Childs, on keyboards and vocals, for shows in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A., Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Belle and Sebastian’s Boaty Weekender in August.

Forming the Fanclub for the live shows will be, as expected, Norman Blake (guitar / vocals), Raymond McGinley (guitars / vocals), and Francis Macdonald (drums / vocals), as well as long-time collaborator Dave McGowan on bass and vocals.

McGowan was an integral part of the run of Barrowland shows in October which saw the band play all of their Creation Records albums over the space of three nights, as well as serving as a farewell to Love, whose departure was sparked by the decision to undertake the lengthy tour that the band are now embarking on.

“We’re excited to welcome Euros into the band, he’s worked with us in the studio before and we go back a long way,” the band stated on their Facebook page.

It would appear that the Glasgow shows, which included many obscure tunes in a ‘rarities’ set on the third night, have served them well for their upcoming live sets, as their statement continued: “As ever you can expect us to do what we want, but what we want to do at the moment is dig a bit deeper into the back catalogue and play songs we haven’t played for years, so expect to hear things in the setlist beyond what you might have heard in recent years. And we’ve been working on new songs too, so maybe expect to hear a couple of those too.”

Tickets for all 2019 shows are on-sale at www.teenagefanclub.com/live