T in the Park’s legendary / notorious T Break tent is ready to offer the best* of Scottish musical talent the chance to grace a stage at this year’s T in the Park festival, which takes place from 12th – 14th July.

The competition, which has been running for 18* of T’s 20 years, will see 16 bands playing alongside a selection of established acts, and of course on the same bill as Kraftwerk, Mumford & Sons and Rhianna.

The terms and conditions, which apply to anyone who applies, state that you must be over 18, living in Scotland, currently unsigned and recording original music.

Once again, T will not charge acts to enter the competition, instead asking bands to upload 3 tracks to Soundcloud. Entry closes at midnight on Friday 29th March.

The full entry form can be accessed at www.tennents.com/tbreak

Entrants can keep up-to-date with the latest at T Break’s Facebook page. Or follow this thread on the Jockrock forum, which has its own annual tradition related to T Break…

* In the view of the panel of judges.
** I dunno, it could be 17. Don’t think it’s many as 19, but try and find anyone who remembers anything before 1994… over to you…

(Image: Brendan O’Hare on the T Break stage, probably around 2000)