Yes, it is that time of year again, where all hell breaks loose on the forums and blogs of the internet, where once-friendly bands set about each other with the ferocity of a pack of hyenas.
… well, in fact, in recent years, T Break have become a fairly placid affair with very little in the way of conspiracy theories and bitching.
Anyway, it’s that time, when unsigned, Scottish-based bands get the chance to enter the T Break competition, which could see them play at the T Break Stage at T in the Park between 7-11 July 2011. It’s the 15th incarnation of the competition and a far cry from the goold old days when live heats would take place in a dozen venues across the country and bands like Magnetic North Pole (pictured) would find themselves in a muddy field for the weekend. Instead, bands are assessed via submitted mp3s.
It’s even free to enter, as the online entry form simply asks for a link to the artist’s myspace (or similar) site.
All pretty straightforward then and dare we say, a fairly reasonable deal with nothing much to moan about.
Ah well, there’s always Live and Unsigned.