Stanley Odd have recorded a rap to accompany a promo video for Edinburgh’s Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations.

The 30-second video is animated by Dundee company – which is run by former Fast Product label owner Bob Last, and which produced the Oscar-nominated film The Illusionist.

The ad, part of a £300,000 campaign, is to run on TV across Scotland in the run-up to Christmas, and follows controversy when the city council objected to the phrase “incredinburgh” being used in the campaign.

So far the main objection to the band’s ‘street poetry’ is a lack of subtitles to accompany the video – so here are the lyrics along with the advert.

Edinburgh Rocks,
“Winter in Edinburgh, breakfast in Bed-inburgh,
Stick a battered hat on the snowman’s hedinburgh .
Skaters make patterns in the Gardens on ice
Mulled wine, Christmas markets and sparkling lights
Window-shop round-the-clock through the A-to-Zed-inburgh
With the Michelin Kitchin to keep you well-fedinburgh
Dancing and song; street party ‘til dawn.
Did you hear what I Sedinburgh.
Spend your Winter in Edinburgh.”