Glasgow indie club MILK have become the subject of some plagiarism / identity theft by a student drinks promo night that, remarkably, is operating next door to their Flat 0/1 base in Bath Street.

The original MILK, established in 2011 by Hannah Currie and Aileen Lynn along with Instinctive Raccoon label boss Jamie Webster (now working at Oran Mor), has built a reputation for its indie ethic as well as helping to break upcoming bands – Honeyblood, Paws and Hector Bizerk among those who have appeared early in their careers.

Recently, “Milk Fridays” have started up at the Kushion club next door taking inspiration (you might say) from the original Milk’s line in dairy-themed drinks and milk carton promo and advertising. Although, the similarities between the events ends there, the new pretender being less about music and more about alcohol consumption and dubiously sexualised marketing.

Whether Milk Fridays have infringed any intellectual property in the eyes of the law is unclear, but a backlash against the new night has begun with negative reviews on their Facebook page (some of which were it seems quickly deleted).

See for an excellent and more detailed analysis of events. More also at Milk Glasgow’s Facebook page.