Scottish indie legends the Soup Dragons have been targeted by right-wing trolls, following their refusal to allow their hit single, ‘I’m Free’ to be used by Brexiters.

Talk Radio’s trash-talk presenter Julia Brewer – a supporter of the UK’s departure from the EU – has, according to the band’s vocalist Sean Dickson, turned her listeners against the band.

This has resulted in Dickson being “heavily trolled” – “I’m talking over 1.5k of vile comments, endless abuse, death threats, the lot,” the singer said on social media.

“I got the dark side of Twitter yesterday and just WOW to how low people go and how messed up this country is due to these idiots and the divides it has caused,” he continued.

It is unclear whether Brewer will be prevented in using the track as her anthem. The song, a cover of a Rolling Stones song from 1965, was a hit single for the Lanarkshire-formed indie band in 1990, with a toast by Junior Reed.

“I will call out everyone in the media who tries to use this record as some kind of anthem to the shit-show on Jan 31st no matter the amount of hate or abuse I will get,” Dickson added.