A total of £2.2million has been divided amongst 72 venues across Scotland struggling to stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Scottish Government’s Grassroots Music Venues Stabilisation Fund, run through Creative Scotland, aims to prevent the closure of grassroots live music venues with the emergency cash boost.

98 applications were received with 72 deemed as eligible applications and receiving funding, ranging from £6,700.00 to a top amount of £40,000. A full list of recipients and the amount of their funding can be viewed on the Creative Scotland website.

The body’s’Head of Music, Alan Morrison, said: “Live music has been hit particularly hard by Covid-19, and Creative Scotland is only too aware of the severity of that impact. These awards, to 72 venues across Scotland, will help bring short-term stability to the grassroots music sector and alleviate some of the challenges that the ongoing pandemic has presented.

“Music is such a significant part of Scotland’s cultural life and it is here, at grassroots level, that talented musicians create new material connecting with audiences young and old. We look forward to the day when we’ll all be back together, cheering on artists face to face – but, until then, this fund will provide a lifeline to one of the most vibrant scenes that Scotland has to offer.”

Beverley Whitrick of the Music Venue Trust added: “Music Venue Trust is grateful to Scottish Government for creating a ring fenced fund which recognises the vital role that Grassroots Music Venues play in Scottish culture.

“There is still a lot of work to do to support these venues through the crisis but to see so many venues awarded short-term financial support is an incredible step forward. We thank Creative Scotland for working so hard to make this possible and involving us in shaping the fund so it could be targeted effectively. We look forward to working further with them.”