An Aberdeenshire singer has gone into a social media meltdown with a bitter rant against the lack of radio and media coverage for their new single.

Al Nero (34) launched into a bitter, spittle-flecked invective against revered and respected media institutions Vic Galloway, Roddy Hart and The List. And The Skinny.

Sandi may have taken hers down but I've needed to get this off my chest for years.

Posted by Al Nero Souter on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The failure to review or playlist the latest Le Reno Amps single (201’s ‘Construction’ as far as we can tell) echoes the thoughts of Sandi Thom, who recently posted a similar tirade against Radio 2 and the Bauer radio group following their lack of interest in her new single ‘Earthquake’. Though to be fair to the stations, it’s no ‘Stop The Clocks’.

Thom has taken her video down though it can still be viewed below.