Iain Shedden, drummer in one of the earliest Scottish new wave bands The Jolt, has died, aged 60.

Shedden was born in Lanark and worked as a journalist at the Wishaw Press in the mid-1970s, but moved to London when the band got a record deal.

A three-piece, they signed to Polydor Records, home of The Jam, and like their labelmates, didn’t quite fit in with the punk scene, instead having a more 60s’ / r’n’b influenced sound.

After just one self-titled album release, the band split in 1979. Shedden joined The Snakes of Shake, and then Summerhil, who also signed to Polydor Records.

Shedden had also been drumming with Brisbane punk act The Saints, joining in time for album ‘Out in the Jungle…’, and when Summerhill split, he joined the band properly and would remain with them – on and off – until his death.

Emigrating to Australia, he became music writer for The Australian newspaper where he would interview the likes of David Bowie, Keith Richards, and Stevie Nicks.

He also played with Howe Gelb’s Arizonan act Giant Sand.

Former Jolt bandmate Jim Doak told the Wishaw Press: “Iain was always great fun; a great guy to be around. He was always up for a laugh and full of energy. We moved down to London in September 1977 and it was a great time to be young and in that profession.

He added: “Iain never forgot where he came from or his friends. Although he moved to Australia I saw him once a year. He was back over in Scotland a month ago doing a tour with a band and he stayed at my house.”