The race is on to prevent a notorious neo-Nazi White Power band playing their first ever UK show in Scotland.

Minnesota-based Bound for Glory were rumoured to be set to play Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele in January before the venue canceled the booking.

Now the gig, organised in secret to avoid any repeat of the previous cancelation, was again rumoured to be set for Edinburgh or perhaps West Lothian

However, Hope Not Hate say they have discovered that Bound for Glory are booked to play in Falkirk, with as many as 500 neo-Nazis set to travel to the town on Saturday October 22nd.

According to the campaign group’s website the show is scheduled to run from 2pm – until 10pm.

“This could not be worse. After eight hours of drinking, over 500 pumped up nazis will be let loose in the town just as locals are enjoying their night out,” said a Hope Not Hate statement.

Speaking to The Herald, Hope Not Hate said: “The police have told us that they don’t know anything about it but we’ve been told that actually the police have met with organisers to ensure that it goes ahead safely.”

However, in the same piece a police spokesperson denied the claims, saying: “We are aware of the existence of this group and are taking all necessary steps to confirm the time, date and place of the concert.”

Hope Not Hate have urged people to write to their local MP (at the link above) or co-sign a letter to the Home Secretary, with a view to get the show banned.